... solutions for pharma, life science and biotech industries

We provide services, solutions and products for our partners and customers from pharma, life science, chemical, biotech and medical devices industries.

Examples for our unique and customer-specific solutions:


  • We offer the unique service "Testing, Certification and Registration" of e-Liquids, bases, flavours and e-Cigarettes, in accordance to TPD2. Further informations you can find if you follow the link: eLiquid Testung (in Deutsch).


  • Our solutions for research and registration were extended by additional Ames MPF and YES/YAS products.


  • Together with our partner laboratories we are able to provide the complete knowledge and expertise mentioned in OECD Conceptual Framework for Testing and Assessment of Endocrine Disrupters as well as the the requirements in accordance to the ICH - M7 guideline dealing with the assessment and control of DNA reactive (mutagenic) Impurities in pharmaceuticals.


  • We provide also the determination of reliable toxicological qualification of impurities in drug products or drug substances, or if a PDE is required in cleaning validation.



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