Individual services

hjs consulting offers a broad spectrum of consulting in

  • drug discovery and assay development / miniaturization
  • data analysis and mode-of-action investigations
  • in vitro ADME/TOX
  • Registration, evaluation, authorisation of chemicals (REACH)
  • clinical research

hjs consulting also acts as agent for services from network partners and their contract laboratories focusing on:

  • Development of in vitro (cell) systems demonstrating the effects of substances in the human organism e.g.:
  • an in vitro digestion model
  • a cell based model for determination of oxidative stress
  • a human lung cell based model for the determination of toxicity of liquids
  • cell based models for the determination of cell regeneration and wound healing
  • a cell based model for determination of Inhalation Toxicity
  • a cell based model for determination of Allergic Reaction
  • GLP certified ecotoxicological studies for registration and notification of chemicals, herbal products, biocides, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic ingredients and medical products.
  • Physico-chemical properties
  • OECD / EU-Methods
  • UN-Methods
  • CIPAC-Methods
  • In vitro-Toxicology
  • Mutagenicity / Genotoxicity
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Biodegradation / Environmental Fate
  • Biodegradation
  • Environmental Fate
  • Analytical Chemistry / Instrumentation

Clinical Research:

Our partner-CRO is working in the field of Herbal Medicinal Products, Dietary Supplements, Food and Functional Food Products
and/or Medical Devices. We will support you together with our partner in:

  • get a simplified or full approval as novel food

  • get a registration for Herbal Medicinal Product (e.g. as THMP)

  • bring your products from Europe into the rest of the world

  • bring your products into the European market and support you in questions of labeling, claims, distribution partners

  • renew old product (product concepts or line extensions)

  • FSMP – Food for special medical purpose

  • Determination of mutagenicity (Ames), genotoxicity (umuC), endocrine disruptors (YES/YAS) and cytotoxicity (product list).

  • Distribution of Special Culture Media for diagnostics and analytics as well as cell culture. (product list).