a-10 Amniotic Medium Kit

We are happy to inform our customers about new products in our portfolio.

hjs consulting is providing the A-10 Medium for the cultivation of Amniotic Cells and therefore for the Amniocentesis (AC) or amniotic fluid test (AFT) on the European market and Switzerland. The A-10 Medium can also be used for the cultivation of Chorionic Villus Cells obtained by Chorionic villus sampling (CVS).

The A-10 Medium has been very well-established on the US, Canadian as well as the Chinese Market for years. It is produced in Canady by Wisent Inc. and stored in Germany. Thus the A-10 Medium is immediately available for our customers in whole Europe including Switzerland

Each lot of the Medium is quality controlled and our customers will get a lot-specific certificate of analysis. The following parameters are documented: pH, Endotoxin, Mycoplasma, Sterility by USP, Osmolality.

A-10 is a complete medium that will be delivered as a two-part kit (Basal Medium and Supplement) that requires no additional supplementation. A-10 has been developed to maximize the colony numbers of amniocytes that can be obtained from amniotic fluid.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested to test our A-10 Medium.